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Plain Packaging is Plain Stupid

SPIKED: It has boosted the black market while failing to stub out smoking rates, writes Bill Wirtz of the Consumer Choice Center.

Plain packaging: ‘Brand-theft’ or better consumer protection?

EURACTIV: The rising trend of imposing plain packaging on unhealthy products has raised eyebrows in the industry, which fears that its brands are under threat. The World Health Organisation, on the other hand, insists that the measure provides a long-term benefit for public health.

Canadian Advocacy Group Criticizes Marijuana Packaging Restrictions

HIGH TIMES: David Clement, the North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center, advocates on behalf of the consumer. Mr. Clement sees Canada’s potential restrictions as both dangerous and antithetical to consumer freedom.

Proposed marijuana packaging rules threaten choice and safety

DIGITAL JOURNAL: According to David Clement, the North American affairs manager at Washington, D.C.-based lobby group, Consumer Choice Center, Health Canada’s proposed packaging guidelines could threaten the choice and safety of consumers because they make it more difficult to make an informed decision.

France’s tobacco branding ban fails to deliver: An alternative approach is needed

CONTACT: Luca Bertoletti European Affairs Manager Consumer Choice Center   France’s tobacco branding ban fails to deliver: An alternative approach is needed Brussels, BE – After more than a year with a branding ban on tobacco products, new numbers published by the French Observatory for Drugs and Addiction reveal that cigarette sales have been cut by less than 0.7 […]

America, don’t buy into failed plain tobacco packaging

THE HILL: Consumers are poised to ask, where’s the drink brand I want? Is this even the right product? Regardless if consumers get those answers, they’ll still probably get the cola they desire. People will either grab an Orwellian product off the shelf or turn to the streets for some under-the-table exchange.

Australien feiert 5 Jahre Plain Packaging – Aber gibt es wirklich Grund zur Freude?

HUFFINGTON POST: Es wäre an der Zeit, dass die internationale Gesundheitslobby das Scheitern von Plain Packaging zugibt, Politik wieder Evidenz folgt und damit aufhört Daten und Fakten zu ignorieren.

L’esperimento Australiano dei Pacchetti Neutri sul tabacco è stato un disastro: L’Italia deve evitarlo

COMUNICATI: Anche se l’intento del programma australiano era benevolo, esso ha miseramente fallito nel produrre gli effetti desiderati.

Plain tobacco packaging ‘fails’ in Australia

TALKING RETAIL: Australia’s introduction of plain tobacco packaging has been branded a failure, five years after its implementation.

Govt Intentions on Cigarette Packaging Could Be Hell

NEWSMAX: On this day, Dec. 1, five years ago, the Australian government implemented the mandatory plain packaging of all tobacco products. This means that cigarettes, rolled tobacco, and the likes, can only be sold in packs that do not show the particular brand in question.

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