Response to DG Trade’s list of countermeasure to Trump’s Tariffs: Trade provocations do not require any response!

Your views and information regarding the EU economic interests in steel and aluminium products originating in the EU that might be affected by a tariff increase, announced by the United States of America on 8 March 2018 and applicable as from 23 March 2018:  Potential tariffs imposed by the US government on steel and aluminium imports […]

In response to Trump tariffs, the EU is coming for your bourbon

IFT: Last week, US President Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminium, as a means to protect local American industries from foreign competition. This is in line with Trump’s general tendency towards economic protectionism, demonstrated by his support for tariffs on the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier’s C-series jets (planes which are partially produced in the […]

EU tariffs on blue jeans and bourbon would harm consumers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Luca Bertoletti European Affairs Manager Consumer Choice Center luca@consumerchoicecenter.org 2. March 2018 EU tariffs on blue jeans and bourbon would harm consumers Brussels, BE – On Friday, European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker suggested to German media that the EU could draw up tariffs on American products such as Kentucky Bourbon, Harley Davidson motorcycles, […]

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