Consumer Choice Center praises reclassification of the Internet and repeal of FCC’s net neutrality regulations

December 14, 2017

Consumer Choice Center Consumer Choice Center praises reclassification of the Internet and repeal of FCC’s net neutrality regulations

Washington, D.C. – Today the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to repeal the 2015 Title II classification for the Internet, also known as ‘Net Neutrality’ regulations. From now on, the Internet will be subject to Title I classification as an information service rather than a public utility.

Yaël Ossowski, deputy director of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said that reverting back to the 2015 regulations is great for consumers, and will lead to more investment and innovation in the digital sphere. It also represents another key win for those who champion freedom of the Internet.

“Today’s reclassification of the Internet by the FCC as a Title I information service will bring us back to the President Bill Clinton-era Internet “soft touch” rules which generated so much innovation and creativity online in the past 2 decades. Consumers will be better off, as companies will be able to invest more to serve the best products at the most reasonable prices,” said Ossowski.

“Many observers conflated the net neutrality regulations as somehow the only safeguards for a free and open Internet and providers for universal broadband access. But that just isn’t true. Before 2015, innovation was a hallmark of the Internet. It was the purest form of the free market at work, allowing for the creation of thousands of online companies and services billions of us enjoy today. Allowing entrepreneurs to unleash products and services without burdensome regulations that only favor large companies and investors will be good for Internet consumers,” said Ossowski.

“Across the country, there is a concern about Internet Service Providers further strengthening regional monopolies. More often than not, however, these are enforced by burdensome state and local regulations, which should also be repealed.

“The best thing for American consumers is for a more transparent, open Internet, free from governmental oversight and control like in so many oppressive countries throughout the world. The FCC made the right decision,” said Ossowski.

***CCC Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski is available to speak with accredited media on consumer regulations and consumer choice issues. Please send media inquiries HERE.***

The CCC represents consumers in over 100 countries across the globe. We closely monitor regulatory trends in Ottawa, Washington, Brussels, Geneva and other hotspots of regulation and inform and activate consumers to fight for #ConsumerChoice. Learn more at consumerchoicecenter.org.

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