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Alitalia: on a wing and a prayer

EURONEWS: Italian airline Alitalia has started bankruptcy proceedings. The loss-making carrier has asked the Rome government to place it under special administration.

Don’t Nanny Me: A London Store Protests Lifestyle Regulations

Some visitors at The Society Club in Shoreditch, London looked slightly confused at the sight of the city’s very first Nanny Store.

Why we opened a nanny-state store in Shoreditch

spiked!: The British government’s regulation of what we can buy, sell, eat, drink and smoke is out of control.

A Nanny State Shop In London

Dick Puddlecote Blog: It was pleasing to see SfL replicating their nanny state store in the UK after a couple of previous incarnations across the Atlantic.

Tobacco firms refused plain packaging appeal permission

Print Week: Students For Liberty and the Consumer Choice Center jointly host a plain packaged “nanny state store” to protest against such regulations.

Lower quality food debate begins in Slovakia, Eastern Europe

NEWSLAND: The Consumer Choice Center quoted in article on dual food quality debate on Moldovan website. Read more

Lower quality food in eastern Europe sparks debate

DELPHI: The Consumer Choice Center mentioned in a Lithuanian article on the dual food debate.

Slovakia presses on dual foods debate

NOVAYAGZETA: The Consumer Choice Center mentioned in a Russian article on the dual food debate.

Slovak study fuels concerns about lower quality food in Eastern Europe

EURACTIV: The Consumer Choice Center is quoted in an article on the dual foods debate in Central and Eastern Europe.

Why Fewer Canadians Are Using Tobacco

HUFFINGTON POST: Despite millions in proposed new spending for getting Canadians unhooked off tobacco, fewer are lighting up.

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