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EU-funded lobbying is expensive and undemocratic

EU OBSERVER: If the EU merely funds NGOs to sell the perception that its democratic process is inclusionary, then it manifestly fails to meet the requirements of European democratic ideals.

Ne taxons pas les géants du net

LES ECHOS: Certains pays de l’UE, dont la France, veulent taxer les grandes entreprises du numérique sur leur chiffre d’affaires plutôt que sur les bénéfices. L’augmentation des impôts qui en résulterait serait, hélas, répercutée sur le consommateur.

New Brunswick, Canada Sets up Crown Corporation to Oversee Legal Cannabis Sales

GANJAPRENEUR: New Brunswick, Canada’s government has established a Crown corporation which will oversee the sale of recreational cannabis in the province.

Ontario Residents Not Supportive Of Government Pot Stores

WINDSOR SQUARE: A new poll conducted by Nanos Research says it has found out that the majority of Ontario’s residents do not support the government getting involved in the sale of cannabis.

‘No second class consumers’: Juncker slams double food quality in the EU

EURACTIV: Juncker’s declaration a “populist move,” according to the Consumer Choice Center.

Easy on the taxes re marijuana, says consumer advocate

HAMILTON SPECTATOR: The marijuana boom is going to hit Canada in 2018, but our country’s regulators are going to stifle potential growth.

Vancouver Airbnb tax the wrong way to go

ROUNDHOUSE RADIO: Vancouver officials would be smart to avoid the tax on Airbnb.

The march against science: How left-wingers are exploiting dodgy research

THE BACKBENCHER: Science does not tell us a certain product is bad without understanding what the alternative products are. To think in such a way is a dangerous idealism that ignores reality. Policy should be consistent with the totality of scientific data, but not motivated by it, and not piecemeal.

Trade and Consumer Preferences will lead to a Greener Environment

IREF: By prioritising Paris commitments, while ignoring the more practical concerns of freer energy trade, the EU has put politics over economics.

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