Maine first state to ban single-use foam

It has been stated that polystyrene is non-recyclable, but Jeff Stier of the Consumer Choice Center says these foam products can indeed be recycled.

OneNewsNow interviewed Stier, a New York resident, after The Big Apple announced a ban on foam cups and containers.

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Why Today’s European Climate Marchers Will Be Tomorrow’s Yellow Vest Protesters

They’ll start slowly, merely demanding that all carbon emissions stop immediately. For months, young climate marchers have taken over Europe and the US. Now we know what they actually want—and it’s exactly what we thought it would be. Why They March If you’re unfamiliar with the “Youth4Climate” or “Fridays for Future” movement, it’s probably because, […]

‘Radical socialism’ and ‘cow farts’: Green New Deal opponents lash out as resolution gains momentum

THINK PROGRESS: “This outline of a Green New Deal is probably one of the most extreme attacks on consumer choice that could be conceived of in written form,” said Yaël Ossowski, deputy director of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), in a statement.

Green New Deal, a future without consumer choice

Democratic lawmakers in Congress have unveiled the outline of a number of policies they’ve dubbed as the “Green New Deal”. The Green New Deal is a series of legislative proposals that will focus on massively transforming society in hopes of achieving a future with “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.” The Green New Deal offers Americans a frightening future where […]

We can fight climate change without hurting consumers

If you haven’t clocked that we’ve really got it wrong on the environment, you must have been living under a rock. In the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than we did in the last century – and we only recover 5% of the plastic we currently use. Hurricanes, droughts and coral deaths […]

Consumer Choice Center criticises Chancellor’s plastic packaging tax

PACKAGING NEWS: The Consumer Choice Center’s (CCC) Fred Roeder believes the UK should not tax plastic packaging but enforce littering laws. While applauding the decision to abandon plans for a ‘latte levy’, Fred Roeder, the London-based managing director of the Consumer Choice Center which represents consumers in over 100 countries across the globe, criticised Philip […]

Budget 2018: Industry responds

ENERGY LIVE NEWS: Plastic packaging tax won’t work Managing Director of the Consumer Choice Center, Fred Roeder, said: “The good news is that the UK Government dropped their plan for the ‘latte levy’ which would have penalised consumers who buy drinks during their commute or on the road. The bad news is that the Conservative government […]

Plastic crackdown: Europe moves to ban single-use plastic

GREENBIZ: However, Bill Wirtz, policy analyst for the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said the EU Parliament was wrong to approve the new plastics rules, arguing regulators should avoid rushing for “uninformed” bans which could push consumers towards alternatives that end up harming the environment in other ways. “It should be up to consumers to decide what […]

European parliament approves wide ranging ban single use plastics

CONNECTING PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY: Consumer Choice Centre: Are  alternatives actually better for the environment? The Consumer Choice Center takes a more critical view by stating that the approval is bad news for European consumers. Bill Wirtz, Policy Analyst for the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) says: “90% of the Parliament just voted to ban a vast array of single-use […]

Single use plastic items to be banned from EU market from 2021

FM WORLD: But Bill Wirtz, policy analyst for the Consumer Choice Center, says this approval is bad news for European consumers. Wirtz said: “Ninety per cent of the Parliament just voted to ban a vast array of single-use plastic items, including oxo-degradable plastics, and takeaway boxes and cups made of Styrofoam, as well as straws, coffee-stirrers […]

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