France plans to ban BOGOF deals

EUROFRUIT: French supermarkets are to be forbidden from offering “buy one, get one free” food deals in order to ensure better returns for struggling farmers.

France to ban ‘buy one, get one free’ offers following Nutella riots

NEWSTALK: Luca Bertoletti is the European affairs manager for the Consumer Choice Centre (CCC). He said such a measure aims to help farmers and the agricultural sector in France – but will end up hurting consumers who rely on low prices.

France’s Nutella riots prompt moves to ‘protect farmers at expense of consumers’

DAILY POST: Consumer lobby group says French agriculture must be modernised to keep prices low for ordinary consumers.

France limit discounts on food to help farmers

NOVINKY: “This is yet another instance of France putting its farmers’ interests above those of its own citizens. Outlawing ‘buy one, get one free’ may enrich farmers, but it harms ordinary consumers who take advantage of these lower prices to buy food for their families,” said Luca Bertoletti, European Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center.

The EU Declares War on Supermarkets

FEE: The EU seems to view every problem with the marketplace, both real and imagined, to be evidence of a conspiracy against consumers and, therefore, should be regulated in some way.

Glyphosate : le Parlement européen demande une interdiction d’ici à cinq ans

MSN: En finir avec le glyphosate d’ici à cinq ans : voilà ce que souhaiteraient les députés européens

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