The FCTC receives the BAN Award for denying the science on life-saving e-cigarette and vaping technology

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, a treaty of the World Health Organization (WHO), receives the October 2018 BAN Award for preventing tobacco harm reduction and denying the science on life-saving e-cigarette and vaping technology.

The award is given to highlight the Consumer Choice Center’s #defundWHO the main goal of which is to unveil the truth about the World Health Organization.

Starting October 1st, the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and its 181 member states meet for its 8th Conference of Parties in Geneva in order to discuss the future of tobacco control.

“Over the next several days, the World Health Organization’s FCTC will meet to determine what the global rules and initiatives will be concerning tobacco control and the future of smoking. Missing from the entire conversation, however, will be the impact of life-saving e-cigarette and vaping devices, which are proven to be less harmful than combustion cigarettes,” said Consumer Choice Center deputy director Yaël Ossowski.

“The United Kingdom’s National Health Service recommends smokers switch to smokeless products such as e-cigs, vape, and heat-not-burn devices, while the FCTC suggests banning them altogether to its member delegations,” said Ossowski.

“What is leading the FCTC in Geneva this week is not science nor sound policy. It is purely an attempt to control and limit the new innovations that are helping people quit smoking, which should be an outrage,” said Ossowski.

About the BAN Award:

Every month the Consumer Choice Center awards an institution, person, or organization with the Bureau of Nannyism or short BAN Award. The BAN Awards recognize the work of an individual or organization that has made major contributions to advocating limits on consumer choice. This award serves to recognize extraordinary abilities in disregarding consumers and evidence-based public policy. The award was created by the Consumer Choice Center to draw attention to the important role politicians, lobbies, and advocates play in limiting consumers’ choice and ignoring them in the policymaking process.

Selection criteria: The Bureau of Nannyism (BAN) is a group of consumer choice advocates that discuss nominations on a monthly base and award the nominee with the most innovative or most blunt actions against consumer choice with the BAN award.

The CCC represents consumers in over 100 countries across the globe. We closely monitor regulatory trends in Ottawa, Washington, Brussels, Geneva and other hotspots of regulation and inform and activate consumers to fight for #ConsumerChoice. Learn more at consumerchoicecenter.org.

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