This flawed UN health agency threatens America’s food supply. It’s time for badly needed reform

FOX NEWS: Question: When is a carcinogen not necessarily a carcinogen? Answer: When the labelling is done by the World Health Organization’s  International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a French-based institution that is having a big and unjustified impact on American law and our economy.

Glyphosate : le Parlement européen demande une interdiction d’ici à cinq ans

MSN: En finir avec le glyphosate d’ici à cinq ans : voilà ce que souhaiteraient les députés européens

Glyphosate : les eurodéputés pour une interdiction d’ici à cinq ans, la Commission revoit sa copie

LE MONDE: Bruxelles a revu à la baisse sa proposition de renouvellement de l’herbicide dans l’Union à la veille du vote des Etats membres.

Glyphosate lobbying intensifies ahead of EU vote

HORTICULTURE WEEK: “Any effort to ban pesticides which have been deemed safe by European health agencies will only end up raising the cost of food for consumers here and across the world,” said the Consumer Choice Center.

On glyphosate, we must support science-based public policy

CONTACT: Yaël Ossowski Deputy Director Consumer Choice Center BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Today, the Consumer Choice Center joined the European Crop Protection Association, COPA-COGECA, Coceral, and Europabio in a signed letter addressed to the European Union’s policymakers considering a ban on glyphosate. The letter warns that EU policymakers cannot “allow emotion to let us slowly undermine our regulatory process […]

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