Homegrown pot ban “silly”: Consumer advocacy group

WINNIPEG SUN: A consumer choice advocacy group has condemned the Manitoba government’s plan to ban homegrown marijuana when it becomes legal in the country next year.

Canada Can Lead The Way On Pot, Vapes and Plain Packs

HUFFINGTON POST: The world is paying attention to Canada right now. Two very important pieces of legislation on consumer products are being debated, which could provide many lessons for the world.

Plain Mary Jane? Cannabis industry debates packaging restrictions

METRO NEWS: A coalition of 17 licensed producers and two industry associations is pushing back after Health Canada hinted last week that it plans to limit the colours and graphics that can appear on marijuana packages, and add harsh warnings like those found on cigarette packages.

Ontario Residents Not Supportive Of Government Pot Stores

WINDSOR SQUARE: A new poll conducted by Nanos Research says it has found out that the majority of Ontario’s residents do not support the government getting involved in the sale of cannabis.

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