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Eltern nicht bevormunden

DIE WELT: Die Gesundheitsminister der Europäischen Union haben Vorschläge für die Regulierung der Vermarktung von sogenanntem Junkfood vorgelegt, in denen Beschränkungen von Werbung solcher Produkte gefordert werden.

Zeichentrickfiguren auf Frühstücksflocken sollen weg

THE EUROPEAN: “Befürworter der öffentlichen Gesundheit” wollen gegen eine massive Gefahr vorgehen: Zeichentrickfiguren auf Packungen von Getreideflocken, wie zum Beispiel die der Marke Kellogg’s. Angeblich haben es Tony der Tiger, Sonny der Kuckuck Vogel, Cap’n Crunch oder Graf Chocula alle auf unsere Kinder abgesehen.

In defence of Tony the Tiger

SPIKED: Public-health advocates are moving in on the one danger we’ve all been missing: cereal-box cartoon characters. That’s right, Tony the Tiger, Cap’n Crunch, Count Chocula, and Snap, Crackle and Pop are all after our children. But, luckily, the European Union, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Jamie Oliver are here to protect us.

EU should protect its brands and legislate to reinforce them, Italian MEP says

EURACTIV: The EU should protect its brands as they have a great potential to make Europe competitive worldwide, right-wing MEP Stefano Maullu told EURACTIV.com in the context of the continuing ‘branding versus consumer welfare’ debate. The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) NGO recently launched the Brands Matter Working Group, whose main objective is to oppose the spread of […]

POLITICO Pro Morning Health Care, presented by EPiCENTER: EU research money — Germany opens door on HTA compromise — Spain’s new health minister

POLITICO: Daniel Hannan, a British ECR MEP, questioned the so-called obesity epidemic often cited in the U.K. and other Western countries, doubting that “there is a medical justification for this assault on consumer’s choice” represented by sugar taxes or minimum alcohol prices. “Even if it’s true that we’re getting fatter, is that really the role of […]

Freedom of marketing and brands remains vital in the 21st century

EURACTIV:  When consumers make decisions in the marketplace, they are voting with their wallets, writes Yaël Ossowski. Ossowski is the deputy director for the Consumer Choice Center. He wrote this op-ed ahead of the Brand Freedom Day conference on 6 June in Brussels. In a system of voluntary exchange, only consumers can decide if a company fails or […]

The consumer case for brand freedom in Singapore

SINGAPORE BUSINESS REVIEW: Consumers’ right to choose among different brands and regulators’ intent to control our consumptions clash more often than would think. Singapore banning certain acronyms such as IQ and cartoon figures likes teddy bears from baby milk powder is just one of the latest threats to brand and labeling freedom.

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