Europe’s best and worst railways revealed for train travel

Tourists are returning to the rails in ever greater numbers.

Particularly in Europe, the romance, sustainable credentials and economy of train travel has seen consecutive growth in passenger numbers for the past seven years.

And of course, every great journey must have a suitably grand start.

Like cathedrals of public transport, the giant railway stations of France, Germany and beyond are central to the experience. However, not all railway stations were created equal: for every Grand Stazione Milano Centrale there is a soulless terminus like Berlin’s Friedrichstrasse that can put a dampener on your trip.

To help travellers arrive on time and inspired, the European Railway Station Index has been compiled to rank the continent’s 50 largest stations, from best to worst.

Embarked upon by the Consumer Choice Centre, its railway inspectors have marked the public travel hubs on criteria including accessibility, cleanliness, signage and the connections available.

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2 comments on “Europe’s best and worst railways revealed for train travel

  1. Rasmus Perfect says:

    clearly you did not check out Bratislava Hlavna Stanice….. The worst and dirtiest railway sation in Europe

  2. Ase Johnson says:

    Deutsche Bahn is the worst railway company in Europe. This might be shocking for you because this is a Germany company. THis railwaY ALWAYS DOES LATE and sometimes comes to a wrong platform.

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