KUALA LUMPUR: Policymakers should delve deeper into the Generational Endgame (GEG) policy, ensuring it offers a practical and attainable method to decrease smoking prevalence in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Consumer Choice Center (MCCC) representative Tarmizi Anuwar said the government also needs to carry out a more meaningful and quality engagement process to ensure that every stakeholder is involved adequately in the consultation process. 

“We do not want just to be given a 10-to-15-minute presentation but not have any further discussion after that,” Tarmizi said in a statement.

CCC recently published a report entitled Roundtable Discussion on Smoking Product Control in Public Health: Room for Improvement.

The main purpose of the round table discussion is to get alternative views from experts in various fields and comprehensively assess and scrutinise the bill considering health, legal, economic and feasibility aspects. 

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