Maybe you saw that report by the CBC’s Marketplace the other day on the cost of wireless telephone service in Canada. If so, maybe your fists have not yet unclenched from the little balls of rage that formed as you watched.

Quoting a recent study by the Finnish research firm Rewheel, the report found the cost per gigabyte of wireless data transmission in Canada is “seven times more expensive than Australia, 25 times more than Ireland and France, and 1,000 times more than Finland.”

For example, “scrolling Instagram for five minutes would cost about half a cent in France, while it would cost 20 cents in Canada. Downloading a half-hour show from YouTube would cost eight cents in Ireland and $1.03 in Canada. Downloading an entire season of Wednesday from Netflix would cost about $1.62 in Australia, and $10.22 in Canada.”

File this under shocking, but not surprising: Rewheel’s is only the latest in a string of reports to find the cost of wireless service in Canada is, if not the highest in the world, then certainly among the highest. Neither is wireless the only industry in which Canada enjoys that distinction.

Canadians also pay among the highest air fares, domestic or international, in the world. Using data from travel site Kiwi.com, the Consumer Choice Center found the cost of air travel per 100 kilometres was “2.1 times higher than in the United States, 2.8 times higher than in New Zealand and 3.6 times higher than in Portugal.”

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