Consumer group: It’s high time North Carolina approves legal marijuana

It’s high time North Carolina approves legal marijuana

Raleigh, NC – As lawmakers meet in Raleigh this week to negotiate a possible avenue to legalizing medical marijuana, the Consumer Choice Center calls on all parties and policymakers to finally end marijuana prohibition in North Carolina.

Charlotte-area native Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), said efforts by State Rep. Kelly Alexander and others to reform North Carolina’s marijuana laws are precisely what state lawmakers should be focused on in the next legislative session.

“North Carolina residents believe now is the time to pursue safe and legal regulation of marijuana, whether medical or recreational. The positive examples offered by dozens of states across the country, not to mention our neighbors to the north in Canada, lend credence to the idea that this can be done in the interests of both consumers and citizens in a responsible way,” said Ossowski.

“Across the state, there exists a popular sentiment that marijuana is no longer a drug deemed worthy of criminal punishment and police enforcement, and should instead be brought to the legitimate market where appropriate state and local regulation can flush out the black market.

“There is already a booming hemp and CBD market in North Carolina, showcasing how entrepreneurial innovation, adequate regulation, and market forces can do a great job in transitioning us away from costly marijuana prohibition,” said Ossowski.

“It’s far past time to end the war on drugs that has proven costly to North Carolina’s legal and court systems, not to mention the thousands of innocent adults who face harsh sentences and penalties for non-violent marijuana offenses.”

Yaël Ossowski
Deputy Director
Consumer Choice Center

***CCC Deputy Director Yaël Ossowski is available to speak with accredited media on consumer regulations and consumer choice issues. Please send media inquiries HERE.***

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