The Consumer Choice Center’s ‘Consumer Champs’ campaign offers a beacon of hope for informed decision-making in the 2024 European Parliament elections by shedding light on candidates’ stances on critical consumer rights and choice issues, ultimately empowering voters to make choices that reflect their values.

In an era where the political landscape can feel like a labyrinth, the Consumer Choice Center (CCC) has launched a campaign to help voters navigate the maze. The ‘Consumer Champs’ initiative, designed for the 2024 European Parliament elections, aims to shed light on candidates’ stances on consumer rights and choice issues. With over 12,000 candidates running, making an informed decision can be a daunting task. The CCC is here to help.

The Birth of ‘Consumer Champs’

The ‘Consumer Champs’ campaign was conceived to address the growing need for transparency in the European political arena. By focusing on critical areas such as trade, digital freedom, and sustainability, the CCC is providing voters with the tools to make informed decisions. The campaign’s heart lies in its interactive website, which allows voters to explore candidates in their country and better understand their views on consumer rights and choice.

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