An FDA pod vape ban would only serve to harm consumers

Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center calls Gottlieb’s comments ridiculous, especially considering this would remove a product from the shelves that has become so important in helping smokers quit. “A proposal to ban pod-based vape devices is probably one of the most anti-consumer and anti-health initiatives proposed by this FDA,” said Ossowski. […]

FDA chief’s resignation casts cloud over vaping crackdown

“Dr. Gottlieb didn’t protect the public health by preventing youth initiation of e-cigarettes, and he didn’t do enough to help adult smokers quit,” said Jeff Stier, a senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center, part of the coalition formed by Americans for Tax Reform. “The next FDA commissioner should follow the science and do everything […]

FDA surprise: Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, aggressive regulator against vaping, resigns

Free-market groups and vaping industry interests have been critical of the FDA efforts under Gottlieb. Jeff Stier is a senior fellow at the free-market think tank Consumer Choice Center. “We’ve been complaining and pointing out how the administration’s approach to e-cigarettes is not consistent with what president promised on limited regulation,” he said. “What Gottlieb […]

The Department of Health and Human Services and vaping: A tale of bootleggers and Baptists

Consumer Choice Center senior fellow Jeff Stier said virtually the same thing to a Washington Post reporter late last year. “The administration promised less regulation — without sacrificing protections,” said Stier, in response to Gottlieb’s release of the 2018 tobacco blueprint. “So if the FDA fails to meet both objectives — by announcing a heavy-handed regulatory plan — […]

FDA’s menthol ban and vaping restrictions will have consequences

CONTACT: Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center jstier@consumerchoicecenter.org FDA’s menthol ban and vaping restrictions will have consequences WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last week, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced severe sales and flavor restrictions on vaping products and introduced a new ban on menthol flavors in combustible tobacco products. Reacting to the news, Consumer Choice Center […]

Menthol ban will make a bad situation worse

The Food and Drug Administration’s naive plan to ban menthol cigarettes will lead to countless unintended consequences, including increased youth smoking, especially in minority communities, where a ban would spark illegal markets reminiscent of the days of alcohol prohibition. Kids could easily buy loose cigarettes stored in sealed baggies with unwrapped menthol cough drops. The […]


DAILY NEWS SINA: 爲此,美國消費者選擇中心(Consumer Choice Center)高級研究員傑夫·斯蒂爾(Jeff Stier)曾批評稱:“如果FDA不能通過一項嚴厲的監管計劃來實現監管和保護兩個目標,川普總統則應該意識到,FDA目前的領導層沒有能力執行政府的政策議程。”

FDA Wants To Ban Menthol Cigarettes, Restrict Sales Of E-Cigs

MEDIA POST: Jeff Stier, a senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center, calls the proposed menthol ban “naive” in an op-ed for USA Today. Stier, who is billed as “a voice for consumers who believe paternalists don’t have a monopoly on public health,” says an outright ban will not only be “ineffective” but also will lead to “countless unintended consequences, including […]


THE CHINA PRESS:   为此,美国消费者选择中心(Consumer Choice Center)高级研究员杰夫·斯蒂尔(Jeff Stier)曾批评称:“如果FDA不能通过一项严厉的监管计划来实现监管和保护两个目标,特朗普总统则应该意识到,FDA目前的领导层没有能力执行政府的政策议程。”

Minnesota anti-smoking advocates applaud FDA pledge to crack down on flavored tobacco products

STAR TRIBUNE: Gottlieb, in pursuing his tobacco strategy, is taking some flak from fellow conservatives. “The administration promised less regulation — without sacrificing protections,” said Jeff Stier, a senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center.

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