Day: February 25, 2019

The Department of Health and Human Services and vaping: A tale of bootleggers and Baptists

Consumer Choice Center senior fellow Jeff Stier said virtually the same thing to a Washington Post reporter late last year. “The administration promised less regulation — without sacrificing protections,” said Stier, in response to Gottlieb’s release of the 2018 tobacco blueprint. “So if the FDA fails to meet both objectives — by announcing a heavy-handed regulatory plan — […]

Vegan vs animal-based fashion: which one is more sustainable?

Debunking the “myths” of vegan fashion A week ago, the British Consumer Choice Center announced in a press release the start of the #ChoiceInFashion campaign: “We want to inform consumers about animal-derived materials and to debunk the myths and urban legends about vegan fashion that are being spread by self-proclaimed animal rights groups.” Consumers would […]

Почему запрет натурального меха – не выход

Вместо полного запрета на использование натурального меха гораздо важнее обеспечить эффективный контроль за стандартами его производства (укр.) Сьомого лютого у Верховній Раді зареєстрували законопроект про заборону хутрового виробництва. Заборона має набрати чинності з 1 січня 2025 року, а до цього моменту будуть встановлені нові вимоги до утримання тварин. Стандартно, одним з ключових аргументів на підтримку […]

First fur, now wool?

The war on animal products is bad for conservation and bad for the poor. Whether it is silk, cashmere, leather or fur, animal-derived fashion products are increasingly coming under fire from activist groups. Campaigns to ban fur have transformed into a broader movement against all animal-derived products. The animal-rights organisation, PETA (People for the Ethical […]

Irish farmers voice fears over Brexit tariffs

The pro-free trade Consumer Choice Centre said tariffs would “put another burden on British consumers” and increase the costs of Brexit. ‘Protectionism’ It would send a signal to the rest of the world that post-Brexit Britain would pursue protectionism ahead of consumer interests, it claimed. Consumer Choice Centre spokeswoman Maria Chaplia said: “Free trade is […]

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