Day: March 6, 2019

Ottawa’s latest rules risk ruining cannabis-infused beverages before they’re even legal

Opinion: Cannabis-infused beverages will not even be allowed to use the name ‘beer’ or ‘wine’ Dried cannabis and oils are currently legal in Canada and edible cannabis, which includes beverages, are scheduled to become legal for sale by October 2019. The federal government’s draft regulations for edibles, released recently, are riddled with problems, but some […]

FDA surprise: Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, aggressive regulator against vaping, resigns

Free-market groups and vaping industry interests have been critical of the FDA efforts under Gottlieb. Jeff Stier is a senior fellow at the free-market think tank Consumer Choice Center. “We’ve been complaining and pointing out how the administration’s approach to e-cigarettes is not consistent with what president promised on limited regulation,” he said. “What Gottlieb […]

European Union and United States should agree on no tariffs on either food or cars

Trade representatives of the European Union and the United States are meeting today to discuss the scope of EU-US trade talks. The United States argues for an opening of trade relations on food, while the European Union wants to avoid the introduction of tariffs on automobiles. In response, Bill Wirtz, Policy Analyst at the Consumer […]

Higher tariffs, subsidies promised

The prospect of tariffs drew stinging criticism from consumer group Consumer Choice Centre. “Imposing tariffs on meat imports will not only put another burden on British consumers but will also increase the costs of Brexit and send a signal to the rest of the world that post-Brexit Britain will pursue protectionism ahead of consumer interests,” […]

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