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Public cannabis consumption ban in Ontario was reversed

The Issue On Aug. 13, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fideli announced the government’s plan for cannabis legalization. The keystone of the Progressive Conservatives’ policy was a reversal of the public retail monopoly model proposed by the former Liberal government, to instead opt for private retail provincewide. Along with the private retail announcement, the government stated that municipalities […]

Effective stand against the FAIR Fees Act

The Issue The U.S. Senate’s version of the FAA reauthorization bill included a provision authored by U.S. Senators Markey and Blumenthal that would have regulated airline pricing. The provision, initially rejected by the Dept. of Transportation, was known as the Forbidding Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous (FAIR) Fees Act. Supporters contended the FAIR Fees Act would have benefited […]

China ‘supports millions of American jobs, makes big profits for US firms’, Beijing says

YAHOO NEWS: The document cited the US Consumer Choice Centre as saying that US President Donald Trump’s administration was punishing the American people with its punitive action, saying the tariffs would have a direct impact on 150,000 jobs in North Carolina and 6,500 in South Carolina, both of which are heavily reliant on exports.

Brand freedom in the Republic of Georgia

The Issue In May 2017, policy makers in the Republic of Georgia attempted to push through a branding ban on all tobacco products. Despite the importance of the issue, public opinion was neglected in the debate. The policy measure was triggered by monetary incentives provided by the UK government to the Georgian budget, through the […]

Jeff Stier’s ‘recipe for a better world’

Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow of the Consumer Choice Center, will today call on the private sector and the public health community to innovate their way towards a better world. Speaking at the annual industry conference, the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum, in London, the innovation and harm reduction advocate will call on companies to follow […]

The Consumer Choice Center nominates INNCO for the 2018 EU Health Award

CONTACT: Yaël Ossowski Deputy Director Consumer Choice Center yael@consumerchoicecenter.org Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center jstier@consumerchoicecenter.org The Consumer Choice Center nominates INNCO for the 2018 EU Health Award The Consumer Choice Center welcomes DG SANTE’s decision to focus the 2018 EU Health Award for NGOs around the criteria to prevent tobacco use among young Europeans. CCC Deputy […]

We demand EU Consultation Transparency

The process for ordinary citizens of the European Union to weigh in on the important consultations brought forth by the European Commission is convoluted, complex, and burdensome.

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