Consumer advocacy is vital in ensuring fair treatment for consumers, promoting product safety, and maintaining transparency in the marketplace. Leaders in this field are essential in deciding which issues to focus on, leading awareness campaigns, and advocating for change through media and lobbying. They also collaborate with stakeholders to increase their influence, educate consumers about their rights, and monitor industry and regulatory changes.

Frederik Cyrus Roeder, Managing Director of the Consumer Choice Center, an independent and non-partisan consumer advocacy group. The organization advocates for freedom of choice and innovation in everyday life. With a background as a Health Economist, Frederik is interested in using innovation to enhance patient healthcare delivery.

From Protest to Advocacy

In the summer of 2014, Frederik Cyrus Roeder lived in Berlin, Germany, where he observed Europe’s taxi drivers protesting against competition from ride-hailing apps. As a consumer who values ride-hailing apps, he was surprised that traditional consumer rights groups did not support choice and competition. With the help of two friends, Frederik organized a small protest highlighting the importance of consumer choice. The absence of representation for consumers who prioritize innovation and choice in these discussions prompted Frederik to recognize the need for a platform for their advocacy. This recognition marked the beginning of the Consumer Choice Center.

Setting the Standard

Under the leadership of Frederik Cyrus Roeder, the Consumer Choice Center is a global advocacy group. It stands out among the numerous nonprofit advocacy groups in the US and European Union focused on policy change. While many groups focus on specific issues or regions, Frederik’s organization prioritizes representing consumers worldwide as a distinct interest group. The Consumer Choice Center adopts a global perspective in advocacy efforts across more than 100 countries. It maintains a presence in capitals such as Washington, Brussels, Ottawa, Brasilia, London, Geneva, and Kuala Lumpur to advocate for consumer rights and interests.

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