Technological neutrality is the best mechanism of cyber security and protects consumer data privacy

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 th June 2023 – The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) emphasizes the
importance of governments supporting and maintaining technological neutrality in putting in
place the best mechanisms for cybersecurity systems and consumer data protection.

Representative of the Malaysian Consumer Choice Center, Tarmizi Anuwar said: “Technology
changes very quickly and faster than amendments or changes in laws. In this regard, laws that
are friendly to innovation and technology or so-called neutral technology need to be prepared so
that healthy competition between private companies becomes the best method of determining
the mechanism in data privacy regulations.”

In addition, Tarmizi commented on the recommendation of the Minister of Communications and
Digital that the private sector makes investments related to aspects of cyber security and data
privacy according to the appropriateness of their respective operational levels which is
considered positive. However, it is necessary to remain consistent and not put an excessive
burden on the private sector.

“The recommendation can be considered good because the enforcement of interoperability
standards can be prepared and implemented by the firm that handles the data, and is not
necessarily determined by law. This will also give space to start-up companies to operate at a
cost that matches their capabilities.”

“Basically, every company has its own interest in protecting the cyber security or privacy data of
their consumers. Excessive legal stipulations such as imposing specific software will cause an
increase in business costs and subsequently increase prices for consumers”, he said.

Explaining Malaysia’s efforts to collaborate with Southeast Asian countries in creating a data
sharing protocol to become a regional data processing hub, he said the government must make
the concept of industry-based data portability as the main standard.

“In order to become a regional data processing hub, the government needs to use industry
standards as the main policy and strategy. This standard is a faster and more efficient way and
is able to coordinate the differences in laws in each country to enforce and regulate portability
over the law.” he concluded.



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