Are you feeling the heat? Because we are on 🔥, and not just because it’s July. The team has been working around the clock to defend you and your consumer choice! Let me take you through the last few weeks.

The headaches of getting an electric car 

Liz and David worked out the very informed EV Accessibility Index 2021 — for each state in the U.S, they looked at regulations of direct-to-consumer sales and licensing fees for electric vehicles. Turns out that unlike driving a Tesla, buying one is not so seamless in many places around the country. 

Drinking in public? 

David went head to head with Dr. Samantha Wells on whether to allow drinking in public in Canada. He makes the very important point that a ban all too often hits marginalised communities. Cheers David ! 🍷

Caring for your teeth 🦷

Liz and Yaël wrote a fascinating new policy note on dental reform in the United States. Dental insurance plans leave a lot to be desired, so to give them some teeth (pun intended), this primer makes important recommendations. Check it out!

The ConsEUmer podcast now has 30 episodes! ️

Every Thursday on Spotify and Apple/Google podcasts: the ConsEUmer podcast, giving you updates on consumer choice around Europe and its neighbours. 30 episodes and some great guests recorded, edited, and uploaded. I recommend you check out some of the older episodes, and stay tuned for amazing content that’s yet to come!

Speeding up access to vaccines 

In his latest op-ed for the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche, Fred explains what needs to be done to allow more people to get vaccinated. “Preparing for the next pandemic means developing a regulatory toolkit that gives vaccine developers and manufacturers the breathing room they need to bring these relatively inexpensive lifesavers to the people”, Fred writes, and he’s totally right!

LATAM Sharing Economy Index 2021 🛴

When it comes to the sharing economy, all eyes should be on Latin America. The region’s digital lag, combined with generally low trust in government institutions and problems inherent to developing economies, such as low wages, and corruption, make it especially receptive to innovative solutions.

The LATAM Sharing Economy Index 2021 was created in collaboration with Somos Innovacion, and provides essential consumer information about the best cities to rent a scooter, get a taxi on a ride-sharing platform, or book an Airbnb.

Say hi to our newest additions to the team! 
The Consumer Choice team keeps growing! Say hello to our Graphic Designer Luka Dzagania, our Fellow Amanda-Ellen Gibbs, and our Adjunct Research Fellow Dr. Kimberlee Josephson! We are glad to increase team #consumerchoice and fight the good fight! 
That’s a wrap for this month! Stay tuned on all of our social media channels for more info on our current activities. Defending consumer choice is more important than ever, in the world of nannies and cronies. If you want to support our work, please consider making a donation.

Bill Wirtz
Senior Policy Analyst

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