Day: February 28, 2024

Taxing Vapes Will Put the Lives of 4.5 Million Vapers at Risk

London, 27 February 2024 – The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) is concerned by reports of implementing a new levy on vapes and demands the government to conduct proper research into the consequences of a vape tax in its tobacco harm strategy.

In a statement, Mike Salem, the UK Country Associate of the CCC explained that “this tax not only puts off vapers economically, but it also sends a message that the government is punishing them for trying to quit tobacco. We should not be putting up barriers to those who are desperately trying to quit cigarettes; the government should instead be providing support for those who need it.”

The proposed tax would see a new and separate levy on vapes introduced on top of the VAT that already exists, which would directly affect 4.5 million vapers and indirectly some 6.4 million smokers.

Salem further stated that “The UK has been doing extremely well over the past few years in its effort to reduce smoking prevalence, but this is now being actively hindered by the current government. These measures will put our population and especially our children at more risk, as consumers will turn to the black market for cheaper alternatives. I urge the government to reconsider its position on taxing vapes and its wider strategy in reducing smoking prevalence so as to not harm our children and adults”. 

The CCC urges the government to consider the health of smokers and the support it can provide during the current economic downturn. Furthermore, in light of the recent government decision to ignore the recommendations from the Khan Review and the mismanagement of the joint announcement on the ban of disposable vapes between Westminster and the devolved administration, it also recommends that the UK Government conducts proper research and coordination with the devolved administration on tobacco harm reduction.

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