Day: April 8, 2019

Another Voice: Animal welfare, fashion choice should rule fur debate

Fur has long been a fashion accessory for consumers and an important industry for hunters, gatherers and responsible entrepreneurs. If New York legislators get their way, however, there would soon be a total ban on the sale and distribution of fur products in the Empire State. A bill was introduced last month by Assemblywoman Linda […]

Analyst Says Milk Prices Showing Improvement and Worst Is Over

In other trade news, while the future of President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada, free trade agreement remains uncertain in a divided U.S. House of Representatives, the Toronto-based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), David Clement called on the Canadian government to give it a thumbs down. A CCC press release stated, “The Federal […]

Connected cars: EU Commission must embrace technology neutrality

While the EU Commission Delegated Act C-ITS favours Wifi as the baseline technology for connected cars, there is reason to worry that the Commission is playing favorites with technology. So says Fred Roeder, managing director of the Consumer Choice Center who expresses consumers’ concerns at the Commission’s behaviour: “The Commission ought to provide a framework in which […]

L’UE voudrait encore plus taxer les billets d’avion

La création d’une nouvelle taxe sur les vols aériens, afin de réduire l’impact environnemental, occupe nos bureaucrates européens. Le gouvernement néerlandais propose d’instaurer une taxe de transport aérien de 7€ sur tous les vols au départ et à l’arrivée de l’Union européenne. Selon La Haye, l’Europe a un problème majeur dû à un trop grand […]

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