Day: April 3, 2019

What #AdvertisingBans get wrong about #ConsumerBehaviour

Advertising bans are increasingly relevant in political debate, with some countries having already established rules that don’t allow for “junk food” advertising. But these proposals are all based on the assumptions that consumers are buying goods that they never would have wanted otherwise, writes Bill Wirtz. The fundamental question is: Can you make people buy something […]

25 MEPs support brand freedom

Consumer Choice Center presents signatories of “Brands Matter” pledge Brussels, BE – The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) has revealed the names of the 25 signatories of the “Brands Matter” pledge. The CCC is aiming to gain support for the cause of brand freedom in the European Parliament, and get clear responses from lawmakers on this vital […]

Northam Working to Increase Affordable Housing Options, GOP Support Remains Unclear

But throwing more money at a problem isn’t always the best answer, says Jeff Stier at Consumer Choice Center. “More crony capitalism that goes to developers who know how to game the system isn’t going to bring people out of generational poverty, and that’s what I want as an advocate for affordable housing,” says Stier.

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