Month: May 2017

World No Tobacco Day Embraces the Wrong Approach

May 31st, is World No Tobacco Day. World No Tobacco Day brings attention to a noble goal, that of reducing tobacco consumption, but embraces the wrong approach needed for consumers and everyday working people. “The World Health Organization and hundreds of national governments have approached tobacco as a problem to legislate, regulate, and tax away. Branding bands […]

The EU’s Proposed Content Quota Will Hurt Consumers

“The attempt by ministers in the EU to raise the quota of European content in digital streaming services to 30 percent will end up hurting consumers by artificially raising prices for everyone. It benefits producers in some countries and hurts them in others. Overall, it will only end up raising costs for all European citizens. […]

Earlier Access To New Drugs Could Solve Canada’s Affordability Crisis

HUFFINGTON POST: Policymakers are fiercely debating how to tackle the soaring costs of prescription drugs in Canada.

Allowing patients to choose could save billions

EURACTIV: The Commission’s recent musings on the social dimension of Europe touches on common drug pricing among member states.

Tsarizm: New Anti-Tobacco Measures Won’t Work In Georgia

TSARIZM: The Republic of Georgia is known internationally for its radical approach to policy and governance. But with the latest anti-tobacco measures in front of the Parliament, it risks to lose that reputation as quickly as it earned it.

‘Overheden moeten stoppen met de prijs van medicijnen te bepalen’

DAGELIJSE STANDAARD: Governments cannot attempt to fix the price of drugs without hurting the very people they intend to help.


SINA: Quoted on the bankruptcy of Alitalia and whether the Italian government should bail them out.

Alitalia Files for Bankruptcy, but Italy Balks at a Third Bailout

NEW YORK TIMES: European Affairs Manager Luca Bertoletti quoted in the New York Times on the bankruptcy of Alitalia.

Alitalia: on a wing and a prayer

EURONEWS: Italian airline Alitalia has started bankruptcy proceedings. The loss-making carrier has asked the Rome government to place it under special administration.

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