Ontario now accepting applications for cannabis retail licences

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: “The supply issues are real. That is something that consumers are dealing with, the industry is dealing with. … that doesn’t justify a lottery system and it doesn’t justify capping retailers at all,” said David Clement, manager of North American affairs for the Consumer Choice Center.

Mr. Clement said he will be watching the results of the lottery closely and was doubtful that all of the companies drawn will be able to meet the quick ramp-up requirements to open their stores by April 1.

“They are faced with heavy fines if they aren’t able to open on time,” he said. “There are some heavy limits and stress testing they are required to meet. Our concerns with some of those criteria is that the province doesn’t treat other businesses that way.”

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About David Clement

David Clement is the North American Affairs Manager for the Consumer Choice Center and is based out of Oakville, Ontario. David holds a BA in Political Science and a MA in International Relations from Wilfrid Laurier University. Previously, David was the Research Assistant to the Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights. David has been regularly featured on the CBC, Global News, The Toronto Star and various other major Canadian news outlets.