These are the 10 most nightlife-friendly cities around the world as determined by the 2023 Consumer Choice nightlife index.

As the New Year draws near, there are some party animals out there on a mission to find the best bars, clubs, parties, and more to spend the night at that will have them dancing, singing, eating, and drinking the night away. For those who prefer to celebrate the New Year in a quieter space, this is where to head.

Nightlife across the world varies, offering entertainment in St. Thomas and after-dark excitement in Mexico, not to mention Istanbul as well. Some cities have the most extraordinary nightlife, ranging from all-black clubs in Berlin to wine bars in Paris to beach parties in Buenos Aries to electrifying neon parties in Seoul to 4-story music complexes in Budapest.

To help navigate the nocturnal landscape, the Consumer Choice Centre crafted a nightlife index, evaluating thirty cities globally. Its methodology delved into the intricate web of regulations and amenities shaping urban nightlife. Factors such as mandated opening hours, last calls, the cost of a pint of beer and a Big Mac, and the availability of nighttime transport services were considered. After evaluation, each city was given a ranking out of 10 (with 10 being the city with the most nightlife-friendly appeal).

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