Tarmizi bin Anuwar

Country Associate Malaysia

Tarmizi Anuwar is the Projects and Operations Manager at the Institute for Leadership and Development Studies (LEAD). Previously, he was the Research Manager at LEAD responsible to manage research projects and training. 
He graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) from Universiti Putra Malaysia (2012). Recently, he completed a Master of Arts in Human Rights and Democratisation (2019) through a scholarship from the European Commission in a dual program at Mahidol University and Kathmandu School of Law.

He has years of experience in civil society, focusing on civil and political rights and good governance such as Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) and Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4). Besides that, he also works in a civic education project named as a Democratic School established by the Democratic Action Party (DAP) aim to share knowledge with Malaysian youth in politics and democracy, debate the role of the state and interest of people in the economy.

Since 2017, he actively involved with Generation Democracy, the youth initiative under the International Republican Institute (IRI) and invited as a peer trainer at regional and international level to enhance youth participation in democracy, human rights and good governance. Based on his extensive experience in political and civil society movements in Malaysia, he was appointed as a Consultant to the International Republican Institute (IRI)
in Malaysia for expert services for state-level good governance projects in 2019-2020.
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