Tarmizi bin Anuwar

Country Associate Malaysia

Tarmizi Anuwar is the Country Associate at the Consumer Choice Center in Malaysia. His main task is to monitor regulatory trends in Malaysia and provide research for policy improvements to the public and policy makers. Previously, he worked as a Projects and Operations Manager at the Institute for Leadership and Development Studies (LEAD), a Malaysian based public policy think tank, aiming to promote alternative policy solutions and state practices based on the market system.
Tarmizi graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Physical Education) from Universiti Putra Malaysia (2012) and completed a Master of Arts in Human Rights and Democratisation (2019) through a scholarship from the European Commission in a dual-program at Mahidol University and Kathmandu School of Law. Due to his deep interest in public policy he decided to continue his second master’s degree in economics at the National University of Malaysia.
He is also active in providing consultancy services and training in public policy in Malaysia, including the project of political financing mechanisms and reforms in Malaysia with the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, state-level good governance in Malaysia with the International Republican Institute (IRI) in Malaysia and Leading and Govern: Public Policy Design Course in Young Statement Program with University College of Yayasan Pahang.
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