Mike Salem

Mike’s remit is to monitor UK policy developments and ensure that the rights of consumers are well represented with policy makers, organisations, and other public stakeholders. As such, his focus is wide ranging and relates to all aspects of economic policy, lifestyle and technology. Mike is the main point of contact of CCC in the UK and can be reached via mike@consumerchoicecenter.org.

Prior to CCC, Mike had some experience in the public sector, working on projects with different government departments and NGOs. Mike graduated from the LSE, having read PPE. His focus was on political sovereignty in the UK, British political history and the development of economic theory through time. He was secretary of the Hayek Society for three years running. During that time, he worked on promoting free speech and fostering debates on a range of issues, as well as working with a range of think tanks.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys exploring the British countryside and its history, tennis, sailing, and playing the bassoon, as well as serving his local community, where he sits on the governing board of a local school.

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