Questions for EP Candidates


Consumer choice is pivotal for economic freedom and lifestyle decisions. Regulators on local, national, and supranational levels keep regulating more and more areas of consumers’ lives. This leads to less consumer choice and usually higher costs for consumers.

Uncertainty also holds some dangers for consumer freedom. We want get in touch with candidates for the European Parliament, the decision-makers, and talk about their ideas, visions and points of view on consumer-facing regulation.

In March, the Consumer Choice Center began reaching out to EP candidates from all member states to inquire about their views on consumer choice issues such as consumer privacy, cannabis legalisation, sharing economy, and brands. As a result, 30 answers were collected, featuring EP candidates from Finland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Latvia, and the UK.

A consumer-friendly European Parliament is emerging. Despite the diversity of the parties in ideological matters, cooperation in matters relating to consumer freedom is to be expected.

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