Oklahoma patients deserve competitive and affordable insurance

Dear Members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives,

As a consumer advocacy organization with a vested interest in promoting consumer access and patient choice, we write to you today to urge you to vote YES on HB1694.

This bill would require dental insurance companies to spend a set percentage of their premiums on patient care rather than administrative bloat.

Known as a medical loss ratio, HB1694 would standardize dental health benefit spending ratios that already exist for traditional healthcare insurance. This would give Oklahoma dental patients lower premiums, increase competition among insurers, and reduce overall bureaucracy and administrative costs to pass savings on to consumers.

Similar bills have passed in other states, empowering dental patients, and ensuring that consumers have a vibrant market of choice in dental care and coverage. 

Every patient has suffered the gnawing experience of trying to scrap back healthcare reimbursements. Passing HB1694 would bring equity in how patients across healthcare sectors are treated and have their premiums used, leading to lower costs and better treatments for dental patients.

The fact that dental insurers aren’t subject to the same rules as every other health insurance industry should be enough reason to pass this bill, with the added benefit of how it will make insurance premiums more transparent and competitive.

Unlocking more funds for dental patients would help save families thousands of dollars a year, and grant them more consumer and patient choice. It’s a fix all Oklahomans deserve. On behalf of consumers, we urge you to vote for HB1694.

Thank you,

Yaël Ossowski

Deputy Director

Consumer Choice Center

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