NEWS 1130: The Consumer Choice Center’s David Clement is echoing Christian’s statements, calling for Uber and Lyft to finally be allowed in the province.

“I think when you couple together the withdrawal of Greyhound with the prohibition of ride-sharing, you create a really inaccessible province,” he says.

“[When you travel] to Vancouver you realize how hard it is to move around the city in a way which isn’t going to cost you a fortune, and now we’re going to extrapolate that problem province-wide.”

He says ride sharing should be approved immediately and there may be an avenue for Uber and Lyft to provide longer-distance options like they’ve done in other areas.”

Greyhound cited plummeting ridership numbers for the cancellations–they had already cut back on routes they deemed not profitable.

Clement says if we’re hoping for any other company to take over inter-city routes, the government should look at their own policies that may be making Greyhound-like services undesirable.

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