Increasing competition wouldn’t just save consumers money on flights, it could lessen the need for taxpayer-funded support of the hard-hit tourism and hospitality sectors

Have you looked at domestic flight prices recently? If you haven’t, you may experience a jolt of sticker shock. According to recent  reports , the average Canadian domestic flight has increased by almost $100 — or 21 per cent — compared to 2019. It was already ridiculously expensive to fly within Canada. Now, it’s practically sky-high robbery.

While it’s common to find domestic U.S. flights and even flights between major European cities for $100 or less, Canadian domestic flight prices often start in the mid-$300s and only go up from there. Worse yet, flying internationally is routinely cheaper than it is within our own borders. I travel annually from Toronto to New Brunswick to visit family, and the bill almost always comes in higher than it would if I booked a flight to Morocco, France, Rome, or basically anywhere with palm trees and warm oceans.

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