Does the WHO act in the interest of Global Public Health? – Toronto

September 27th

The Consumer Choice Center will host six media roundtables discussing the effectiveness of the World Health Organization (WHO) in September 2018.

We invite journalists, regulators, policy-makers, and civil society to join us for presentations on the WHO’s shortcomings in working towards better global public health and how the WHO actively blocks healthier technologies in the area of harm reduction.

Join us at our event in Toronto, Ontario on September 27th at 11:00 AM at the Albany Club, 91 King St E Toronto, ON.

Glyphosate: Who’s Holding the Megaphone? Understanding how controversies and confusion get amplified: Paul Hillier, Risk Communications Consultant, Principal, Tactix

Vaping as a harm reduction tool in Canada: David Clement, North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center

Foreign Aid for Public Health and Clandestine Maneuvering: Insights from the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: Yael Ossowski, Journalist and Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center

Moderated by Heather Bone, Ph.D. of Economics Candidate at University of Toronto and Research Fellow at the Consumer Choice Center

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