Cannabis Conclave

Cannabis Conclave FINAL

The Consumer Choice Center hosts a Cannabis Conclave alongside the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday, January 24th, 2019. Canaccord is the co-sponsor of this three-hour event taking place at Restaurant Höhenweg where you will be able to listen to insights shared by some of the leading Cannabis executives and investors while enjoying a three-course Swiss lunch accompanied by wines and other drinks.

The event starts around 10:45 am at the cable car station Parsennbahn in Davos. All attendees will be provided with tickets for the cable car and will jointly travel uphill to the restaurant. The event ends around 3 pm (last cable car to Davos leaves at around 4 pm).

Participants will not only be from the cannabis industry but also include current and future investors, representatives from various industries, business journalists, regulators, and policymakers. We want to use this event to fuel the legalization debate in Europe and show how legitimate and mature this industry in parts of North and South America already is.

The Consumer Choice Center (CCC) is a global consumer group working on local, national, and UN level to promote consumer choice and liberalization (from sharing economy to lifestyle freedom, to trade, to digital economy).

The CCC is active in the legalization debate in several US states and Canada. This includes coverage in The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star.

Bruce Linton


“Canopy – Global Cannabis Disrupter”

Bruce Linton is CEO of Canopy.

Daniel Daviau


“Cannabis Capital Markets – The Evolution  of a New Sector”

Daniel Daviau is CEO of Canaccord.

David Clement


“Legalization and Smart Regulation – For the Consumers’ Sake”

David Clement is North American Affairs Manager at Consumer Choice Center.

Ravi Sood


Ravi Sood is co-founder and former CEO of Navina Asset Management.

The event will take place at Restaurant Höhenweg.

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If you are interested in attending or sponsoring the CCC Cannabis Conclave please message Fred Roeder for details.