THE Consumer Choice Centre (CCC), a non-profit consumer advocacy group, is urging consumers to empower themselves with accurate and comprehensive information before forming opinions about everyday products like palm oil.

In this regard, consumers and industries alike must be diligent in cutting through the noise to reveal the true value of products, according to CCC representative Tarmizi Anuwar.

Commenting on a recent article in Berita Harian by Dr Roger Clemens highlighting the misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding palm oil, Tarmizi said:

“Palm oil is a staple in drug development, vital for medical advances and a case study in the growing need for sustainable practices. However, the story around palm oil today is rife with misinformation and false allegations. A deeper scrutiny is not just essential but a responsibility we all have to share.”

CCC advocates for a proactive, informed approach to consumer choices, particularly those concerning contentious products like everyday items and daily consumables.

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