A ‘digital tax’ is just another burden on consumers

EURACTIV: The idea of attempting to massively tax online businesses is not a promising objective, neither for the states nor their consumers.

EU-funded lobbying is expensive and undemocratic

EU OBSERVER: If the EU merely funds NGOs to sell the perception that its democratic process is inclusionary, then it manifestly fails to meet the requirements of European democratic ideals.

‘No second class consumers’: Juncker slams double food quality in the EU

EURACTIV: Juncker’s declaration a “populist move,” according to the Consumer Choice Center.

Le combat contre le granulé de bois est mauvais pour l’environnement

L’ECHO: Les granulés de bois sont des alliés anti-pollution qui aident l’Europe à respecter ses engagements de réduction des émissions de carbone dans le cadre de la lutte mondiale contre le changement climatique.

POLITICO Pro Morning Agri and Food: Council food fight — Origin labels — Jourová takes aim

POLITICO PRO: Consumer Choice Center — which bills itself as group defending consumers against protectionism — told Morning Agri that what studies governments have conducted to date are “either of questionable design or lack any statistical backing.”

The transatlantic guns that didn’t fire over Google

POLITICO: The bombshell fine spurs debate over whether EU regulations are up to date — not whether Brussels is picking on the Americans.

Allowing patients to choose could save billions

EURACTIV: The Commission’s recent musings on the social dimension of Europe touches on common drug pricing among member states.

Alitalia: on a wing and a prayer

EURONEWS: Italian airline Alitalia has started bankruptcy proceedings. The loss-making carrier has asked the Rome government to place it under special administration.

Slovak study fuels concerns about lower quality food in Eastern Europe

EURACTIV: The Consumer Choice Center is quoted in an article on the dual foods debate in Central and Eastern Europe.

POLITICO Brussels Influence: Consumers for liberty

CONSUMERS FOR LIBERTY: The Consumer Choice Center, a grassroots-led movement that will begin operations next month, wants to mobilize millennials against what its founders argue is overburdensome regulation that limits choice.

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