Day: March 21, 2019

Cuomo’s Out of Control Craving for an Opioid Slush Fund

Sometimes a bad idea is a bad idea, no matter how you package it. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying again, after his $600 million opioid tax was slapped down in December by an Obama appointed federal judge. Proponents of the earlier tax scheme pointed to a key provision which forbade manufacturers from passing along […]

A pod vape ban would only serve to harm consumers

CONTACT:Yaël OssowskiDeputy DirectorConsumer Choice Centeryael@consumerchoicecenter.org An FDA pod vape ban would only serve to harm consumers Washington, D.C.: In comments at the Brookings Institution this week, outgoing FDA chief Scott Gottlieb suggested the agency may take pod-based nicotine products off the shelves in order to combat teen vaping. Yaël Ossowski, Deputy Director of the Consumer Choice Center […]

Ah … because oil is the problem, eateries (and patrons) pay the price

Jeff Stier of the Consumer Choice Center says all Americans are affected by what happens in the oceans and should all work to reduce pollution – but that doesn’t justify banning all uses of products, he argues.S “And it’s not only to ban plastics because they claim it winds up in the ocean,” he adds, “but [also] […]

Yorkshire Post letters

Social media has transformed our daily lives in a variety of ways: from business promotion to interpersonal communication. However, due to its extensive scope, it is easy to forget that it is not forced upon us in any way. Similar to the consumption of sugary products or junk food, to use or not to use […]

Taxing the sky: the EU’s next attack on consumers

As the back and forth on Brexit dominates political debate in the UK, the European Union, as ever, is working on new ways to make everyday life more irksome, intrusive, and overpriced. In May last year, the Belgian newspaper De Standaard reported: “here and there, it is suggested that environmental and health impacts should play a role […]

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