Day: March 15, 2018

FDA moving forward on effort to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes

WINSTON SALEM JOURNAL: Jeff Stier, senior fellow with advocacy group Consumer Choice Center, criticized the latest FDA step. “It seems that FDA is pushing a policy agenda and looking for science to support it,” Stier said. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

The FDA is working to reduce nicotine in cigarettes

YNET: Jeff Stier, a senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center, an American non-profit organization that promotes the public’s interest in health and environmental issues, and a world expert on smoking damage said: “The FDA announcement is well-intentioned but misses the mark.”

FDA Creates Cigarette Confusion – Calls for Science To Back Up Policy

CONTACT: Jeff Stier Senior Fellow Consumer Choice Center jstier@consumerchoicecenter.org FDA Creates Cigarette Confusion- Calls For Science To Back Up Policy Washington, D.C. –The FDA today announced a plan to move forward to develop a regulation that would mandate a reduction in nicotine in combustible cigarettes to a very low level. The FDA justified the move by stating that such […]

European Parliament approves new framework for digital taxation: consumers will pay the bill

CONTACT: Bill Wirtz Policy Analyst Consumer Choice Center European Parliament approves new framework for digital taxation: consumers will pay the bill Brussels, BE – In an attempt to create a “clear and fair” corporate tax regime for the European Union, the European Parliament approved a resolution for a tax plan which will identify the “digital presence” of […]

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