The Consumer Choice Center, a US-based consumer advocacy group, recently released a report looking at vape laws across the US. The group sought to rate different states on their current vape laws. The US Vaping Index, as the report is called, looked at several factors to determine which states were vaping-friendly, and which were not.

The report grouped the states into three different categories. They also assigned a grade to each state. The Index is a useful tool for vapers. It is a convenient way to understand the regulations in their state. It also provides vapers with a way to start campaigns to get anti-vaping laws and regulations overturned.

The Index is a comprehensive report as every state, including Washington DC, was examined. The Index did not look at pending legislation, like Michigan’s potential flavor ban. It also did not look at the laws of individual counties within each state. Instead, it focused on laws that were passed (or not passed) by statehouses around the US.

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  1. I got a lot of information here about which are the grade-A states to vape and which are grade C states. I am planning to start my online vape store and have got bulk vape supplies but it is also important to know in which state I can offer my products safely and freely and where I need to take the permission from the Government to run my business successfully. I want to target Grade A states. Thank You for giving such useful information.

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