Month: February 2018

How European activists lobby for a glyphosate ban despite findings of its safety

GENETIC LITERARY PROJECT: In fact, when reading the recent decision by the European Parliament, we find that the wording is awfully similar to that of organizations that have actively lobbied against glyphosate. The voices of activists, and the organic and green lobbies that financially support them appears well represented. The key missing voice: farmers, and consumers […]

Macht Facebook süchtig wie Alkohol oder Tabak?

DIE WELT: Eine Regulierung der Social-Media-Aktivitäten meint es vielleicht gut. Doch frühere Erfahrungen mit der Prohibition zeigen die Gefahr dann entstehender Grauzonen auf. Es gibt nur einen richtigen Weg. Bill Wirtz von Consumer Choice Center.

FDA Panel Findings Pivotal to Future of Tobacco Market

NEWSWIRE: Jeff Stier from the advocacy group Consumer Choice Center, summed up the sentiment of many of the people who spoke at the hearing when he asked, “What are the costs of being too cautious? You do your job when you ask ‘What if’. But what if the FDA is right and non-combustible tobacco products can […]

What Do “Consumer Rights” Advocates Really Want?

FEE: A large number of NGOs claim to be standing up for consumer rights. Outside of the conventional practice of assisting consumers with misleading labeling or outright safety issues, many of these consumer activists aren’t that much about choices or about rights anymore, but about control. But what exactly are they advocating for?

Boeing proves protectionism doesn’t pay

COMMENT CENTRAL: Consumer Choice Center’s Yaël Ossowski argues that the Boeing-Bombardier affair shows that waging trade wars isn’t to anyone’s benefit, certainly not consumers, workers, and citizens who have the most at stake.

Scandale des sèche-mains électriques: une photo sur Facebook n’est pas une preuve scientifique

CAFE BABEL: Après un post sur Facebook, la discussion sur l’hygiène des sèche-mains électriques est de revenue dans le débat public. Petite récapitulation des faits.

Protectionist lobby in full swing for EU-Mercosur negotiations

INSTITUTE FOR FREE TRADE: The EU is currently negotiating a trade agreement with the four founding members of Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay). It should come to nobody’s surprise that the opposition to such a trade deal is already in the making. But who are these campaigners who so vehemently reject the idea of intercontinental […]

Congressional oversight weeds out corrupt international junk science

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: This may be the year when Congress finally cracks down on the corrupt World Health Organization. The last straw may be not what WHO did, but what it didn’t do.

State wants to govern kids’ soda consumption

ONE NEWS NOW: Jeff Stier, senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center, says what makes this bill worse is that the government has the science wrong.

Dental therapist bill passes Senate health committee as latest voter poll rejects the concept

PHOENIX BUSINESS JOURNAL: A new poll released said 68 percent of Arizonans don’t want a new mid-level dental therapy profession. Commissioned by Consumer Choice Center and conducted by OH Predictive Insights, the telephone poll was conducted Feb. 7-8 among a sample of 601 registered Arizona voters.

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