What do American consumers think about chemical regulation?


In response to recent efforts from the EPA, and Congress, to restrict the use of PFAS, the CCC commissioned a poll via Echelon Insights to see what Americans think about chemical regulation, and how to properly weigh the costs and benefits of restrictions. 

Key takeways


The May 2022 Echelon Insights Verified Voter Omnibus was fielded online from May 20-23, 2022 in English among a sample of N=1,020 voters in the Likely Electorate (LV) nationwide using non-probability sampling. The sample was drawn from the Lucid sample exchange and matched to the L2 voter file.

The sample was weighted to population benchmarks for registered voters and the 2022 Likely Electorate on gender, age, race/ethnicity, education, region, party, and 2020 presidential vote adjusted for 2022 turnout probability. All benchmarks for the 2022 Likely Electorate were adjusted for turnout estimates based on a probabilistic model of the likely 2022 midterm electorate derived from the L2 voter file.

Estimates for gender, age, and party were derived from the L2 voter file. Estimates for race/ethnicity and education were derived from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey demographic data adjusted to match voter registration estimates from the November 2020 Current Population Survey Voting and Registration Supplement.

Data quality measures included the use of a trap question to check for attentiveness and measures to prevent and remove duplicate responses based on IP address and voter file matches.

Calculated the way it would be for a random sample and adjusted to incorporate the effect of weighting, the margin of sampling error is +/- 3.7 percentage points.

Download the Full Report:

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