In February, the Dutch government began circulating a position paper suggesting the EU should introduce a Union-wide air passenger departure tax on flights departing from the European Union. The paper promoted by the Netherland’s Secretary of State for Finance Menno Snel suggests a 7 EUR per passenger flight tax be rolled out within all Member States.

The EU28 has nearly 1.5 billion departing air passengers a year. Dutch plans would cost European consumers 10 billion Euros a year and likely ground many Europeans’ plans to visit friends or study abroad. 

Dutch plans of an EU-wide air passenger tax won’t fly high with consumers.

Hands Off My Cheap Flights

The Hands Off My Cheap Flights movement is a Europe-wide consumer-driven initiative, organised and coordinated by the Consumer Choice Center against the departure tax. The movement aspires to become a driving force in stopping this tax. We believe that with your support and our experience in consumer advocacy, we will succeed. The Hands Off My Cheap Flights initiative is essential to making the CCC’s campaign against the departure tax a success and saving affordable flights in Europe.

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How to join the Hands Off My Cheap Flights movement?

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For a 7-euro donation, you’ll become an official member of the Hands Off My Cheap Flights movement and will receive a unique badge with your name on it. The logo of the Hands Off My Cheap Flights movement will be used throughout the campaign to signify the importance of your investment and to advance your consumer choice with the help of various marketing tools.

For a 50-euro donation, you’ll become one of the leading voices of the Hands Off My Cheap Flights movement. You will be featured on the CCC’s website as a supporter of the campaign and will be invited to share your thoughts on the issue. 

What will you get?

When we reach 500 euros, we will

  • send out 4 press releases (in English, German, French, and Italian) notifying the European press about the first developments of the Hands Off My Cheap Flights movement along with our statement against the tax

  • create promotional graphic images and will launch 3 ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to promote the movement and potential media hits

 When we reach 1000 euros, we will

  • publish an article featuring the movement in one of the largest outlets in the UK, Germany, France or Italy

  • create additional graphic images to promote the article through social media ads in respective countries

When we reach 2000 euros, we will

  • produce a two-minute video about the potential effects of the tax featuring representatives of the Hands Off My Cheap Flights Movement

  • promote the video using various social media channels

We will stop the departure tax if we work together

The Consumer Choice Center represents consumers in over 100 countries across the globe. We monitor closely regulatory trends in Washington, Brussels, Geneva and other hotspots of regulation and inform and activate consumers to fight for #ConsumerChoice.

Starting from 2017,  the Consumer Choice Center received over 700 media hits. Read our statements here.

We have succeeded in spreading consumer choice through outlets such as Le Monde, Die Welt, HuffPost, Guardian, POLITICO, Le Figaro, The New York Times, The Telegraph etc. Read our articles here.

We helped to stop the Forbidding Airlines from Imposing Ridiculous (FAIR) Fees Act in the  Read our success story here.

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