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Who’s Afraid of Automation?

SPIKED: So we need to practice optimism about the opportunities provided by automation. The past shows that technology has often improved our living conditions, and raised employment levels. We need to allow it to do so again.

Cette transition de la «moralité publique» vers la «santé publique»

CONTREPOINTS: Pendant des décennies, les défenseurs de la « vie saine » (Clean Living) ont poussé les législateurs à réprimer des produits comme le tabac, l’alcool ou même le café. Maintenant que les arguments moralisateurs se montrent moins efficaces, les promoteurs de l’État-nounou plaident pour le même type de réglementations, dans l’intérêt de la « santé publique ». Sont-ils vraiment différents de leurs précurseurs […]

Taxi strike in Brussels: cities need to defend consumer choice in ridesharing

CONTACT: Bill Wirtz Policy Analyst Consumer Choice Center Taxi strike in Brussels: cities need to defend consumer choice in ridesharing Brussels, BE – On March 27, Brussels’ taxi drivers are organising a strike which will lead to considerable traffic jams within Belgium’s capital. They are protesting against ‘unfair practices’ through ridesharing apps such as Uber, […]

Non, la Belgique et le Luxembourg ne sont pas des paradis fiscaux

LA TRIBUNE: Suite à l’annonce du commissaire européen chargé de la Fiscalité, Pierre Moscovici, de s’intéresser davantage aux pratiques des pays avec des modèles fiscaux plus avantageux, le Luxembourg et la Belgique sont pointés du doigt. Pourtant, les deux pays ne sont pas des paradis fiscaux, bien qu’ils présentent des avantages multiples face à l’Hexagone. Par […]

How did “public morality” become “public health”?

THE CONSERVATIVE: For decades, so-called “Clean Living” advocates pushed for government crackdown on products such as tobacco, alcohol or even coffee. Now that moralising people on a spiritual basis has proven to be less effective, Nanny State proponents make the case for the same types of regulation, in the interest of “public health”. Are they really […]

Donald #Trump wants tariff-free trade on goods. Why doesn’t the Commission take him up on it?

EU REPORTER: In the looming trade war between the European Union and the United States, the consensus seems to be, that means to avoid this crisis are spare. Jean-Claude Juncker made it clear in a speech in Hamburg that “we also have to be this stupid”, in reference to the retaliatory tariffs on a number of […]

Le protectionnisme de Trump relève de l’illettrisme économique

LA LIBRE: A long terme, les mesures protectionnistes se répercutent sur les prix et les salaires. Au bout de la chaîne, ce seront les consommateurs qui seront touchés, y compris les moins aisés économiquement, écrit Bill Wirtz du Consumer Choice Center.

Irish tax on alcohol is enough to drive everyone to drink

TIMES OF LONDON: Consumer Choice Center’s Bill Wirtz is published in the London Times: “We need to recognise that consumers have the right to make choices. This implies that they make the choice to drink because they are allowed to enjoy themselves. Or at least while they are still allowed.”

European Parliament approves new framework for digital taxation: consumers will pay the bill

CONTACT: Bill Wirtz Policy Analyst Consumer Choice Center European Parliament approves new framework for digital taxation: consumers will pay the bill Brussels, BE – In an attempt to create a “clear and fair” corporate tax regime for the European Union, the European Parliament approved a resolution for a tax plan which will identify the “digital presence” of […]

In response to Trump tariffs, the EU is coming for your bourbon

IFT: Last week, US President Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminium, as a means to protect local American industries from foreign competition. This is in line with Trump’s general tendency towards economic protectionism, demonstrated by his support for tariffs on the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier’s C-series jets (planes which are partially produced in the […]

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