A North Carolina Republican is singlehandedly blocking progress on cannabis banking

For the 98 percent of Americans who live in states or jurisdictions with some level of cannabis legalization – whether recreational or medical – it is far past the time to have some legitimate banking options. There are now thousands of cannabis-related businesses that buy and sell goods and services, estimated to be worth over $50 billion nationally. However, […]

FDA unveils sweeping anti-tobacco effort to reduce underage vaping and smoking

THE WASHINGTON POST: Gottlieb, in pursuing his tobacco strategy, is taking some flak from fellow conservatives. “The administration promised less regulation — without sacrificing protections,” said Jeff Stier, a senior fellow at the Consumer Choice Center. “So if the FDA fails to meet both objectives — by announcing a heavy-handed regulatory plan — President Trump should […]

Banning milkshakes won’t prevent obesity, says consumer specialist

This week, campaign group Action on Sugar has called for bans on high-sugar milkshakes, such as the Instagrammable ‘freakshakes’, but this approach won’t prevent obesity, says Maria Chaplia, Consumer Choice Center Media Associate. “In case the milkshake ban proposed by the Action on Sugar receives support from the government, consumers will be subjected to a yet […]

Cette directive européenne qui promeut le protectionnisme culturel

Une opinion de Bill Wirtz, analyste pour le Consumer Choice Center. L’UE veut imposer aux fournisseurs de contenus audiovisuels un quota obligatoire de trente pour cent de productions européennes. Le Parlement européen demande un quota obligatoire de 30 pour cent de productions européennes imposé aux fournisseurs de contenus audiovisuels. Ce taux dépasse les 20 pour […]

We’re taxing the life out of pubs – it’s time to give them a break

Things haven’t been going to well for the British pub industry. Across the country, thousands of pubs have been forced to shut their doors by high alcohol taxes, duties, and other business-unfriendly restrictions from the state.  Even the extended summer and World Cup this year provided little solace to the struggling industry. Beyond the pain caused by the closing […]

European customers would suffer from proposed EU rice duties

FOOD AND DRINK INTERNATIONAL: The Italian government has asked the European Commission to employ the safeguard clause on rice imports from Cambodia and Myanmar in order to “protect Italian rice growers”. However, Luca Bertoletti, European Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Centre, criticised the request and said that it’s time the European Union stopped pushing […]

Opinion: Marijuana promises economic benefit, poses financial questions

Michiganians voted Tuesday to introduce a new industry to the state that is expected to bring in $765 million in revenue over the next year and thousands of new jobs. What we’re talking about is legal cannabis. Look no further than the state of Colorado to see the incredible effects of legal cannabis on the economy, […]

Pourquoi les institutions européennes ne font-elles pas confiance aux consommateurs ?

Les consommateurs ont beaucoup d’exigences à l’égard des institutions européennes, mais une question clé doit vraiment être posée à ceux qui continuent d’avancer l’idée de la nécessité d’un paternalisme étatique de l’Union européenne. Par Bill Wirtz, analyste de politiques pour le Consumer Choice Center. Il y a ce truisme qui dit que vous ne remarquez […]

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