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Analyst Says Milk Prices Showing Improvement and Worst Is Over

In other trade news, while the future of President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada, free trade agreement remains uncertain in a divided U.S. House of Representatives, the Toronto-based North American Affairs Manager of the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), David Clement called on the Canadian government to give it a thumbs down. A CCC press release stated, “The Federal […]

The real price of a new EU-US trade war

Last month, trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström told European trade ministers that if President Trump hits the EU with 25 per cent tariffs on cars, Brussels is prepared to hit back with tariffs on some $20 billion worth of American exports. Trade wars don’t involve the outright destruction of military action, but both kinds of conflict put […]

Збільшення “курячих” квот дозволить європейцям харчуватися дешевше

КИЇВ. 19 березня. УНН. Незабаром Україна отримає шанс збільшити експорт курятини в Європу. Це станеться, якщо Європарламент схвалить домовленість сторін про зміну угоди про зону вільної торгівлі. Від позитивного рішення ЄП виграє європейський споживач, який отримає великий вибір продукту за низькою ціною. Про це заявила представник “Центру вибору споживача” (Consumer Choice Centre) Марія Чапля, передає УНН з посиланням […]

Broad Coalition calls on Congress to reclaim its authority on tariffs

Arlington, VA – A coalition of 30 organizations, including the Consumer Choice Center, led by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce released a letter today encouraging lawmakers to reclaim their tariff authority, which has been delegated to the executive branch. Read the letter HERE In the letter, the groups write: “As the […]

Ukraine agrees European poultry export agreement

Core Tip: Ukraine will be able to ramp up its chicken exports to the EU under a new poultry agreement reached with the European Commission. Ukraine will be able to ramp up its chicken exports to the EU under a new poultry agreement reached with the European Commission. The proposed deal will now be sent […]

Ukraine agrees European poultry export agreement

“Under the provisional agreement, the original 20,000-ton quota on chicken imports will be replaced by a 70,000-metric-ton figure,” said Maria Chaplia, Media Associate at the Consumer Choice Centre. “Even though these numbers seem promising, tariff quotas in their essence are harmful and infringe on consumer choice. “While limiting the number of chicken breast imports entering […]

Young people choose free trade – and the government should too

As the Brexit no-deal vote and the deadline itself approach, expectations of the UK seizing this opportunity and reclaiming its trading heritage are heating up. What will a post-Brexit UK choose: being a global advocate of free trade or a protectionist ex-EU state?  According to a poll conducted last month, UK voters would prioritise the protection of the farming […]

Trade body counters calls for import tariff cut

A spokeswoman for the Consumer Choice Center said: “Imposing any tariffs on food will not only put another burden on British consumers and increase the costs of Brexit, but will also send a signal to the rest of the world that post-Brexit Britain will pursue protectionism ahead of consumer interests.​ “Free trade is vital for consumer […]

What will Brexit mean for British consumers?

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016 has arguably triggered one of the most laborious and frustrating times to be alive in Western European history. It has since hijacked all political debate and media headlines, which in turn have divided an entire nation – including our trusted servants – who’ve admittedly proven […]

European Union and United States should agree on no tariffs on either food or cars

Trade representatives of the European Union and the United States are meeting today to discuss the scope of EU-US trade talks. The United States argues for an opening of trade relations on food, while the European Union wants to avoid the introduction of tariffs on automobiles. In response, Bill Wirtz, Policy Analyst at the Consumer […]

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