Brands are a fundamental part of the European Union’s economy and play a key role in the everyday choices of each of us as consumers. We, the members of the Brands Matter Working Group, aim to advocate to European policy makers the importance of brands in a free and economically sustainable society.

Brands serve two dual purposes. First and foremost, brands help consumers navigate the huge array of product choices we make every day. They provide us with vital guidance as to the safety and quality of the products we consume and use on a daily basis. Secondly, brand equity creates intangible value for European businesses by generating product awareness and securing customer loyalty.

We have serious concerns about any legislative measure that could potentially have a detrimental impact on the value and visibility of brands. Policies that are adopted without considering all the evidence inevitably lead to unintended consequences that may prove harmful to consumers. We want to shape a brand policy which focuses on evidence and the benefits that brands bring to European consumers and European job creation.

Therefore we invite policy makers in Europe to take the brand protection pledge: “I commit to oppose any policy measure that limits brand freedom.” In the coming months we are going to list all policy makers that have already taken the pledge here.

Find our full manifesto on BrandsMatter! HERE.

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