Month: December 2018

New efforts in Brazil to expose regulatory plight of farmers everyday people

Brazilian farmers are looking at increased burdensome regulations that will make it harder for them to continue producing the food that many rely on. New regulations proposed by several members of the Brazilian Congress call for “plain packaging,” which would ban the use of advertisement in product packaging. In response, Consumer Choice Center (CCC) recently opened a […]

Life as a taxpayer: paying to be berated

The EU’s 2018 NGO Health Awards took place this week where the European Commission recognised those NGOs it deems to be the most effective in fighting the use of tobacco. Bill Wirtz watched what he describes as “an insufferable nanny state love-in”, so you don’t have to.  At the beginning of the EU Health Policy Platform annual […]

Luxembourg is expected to become the next country to legalise recreational cannabis – which would make it the first country in the EU to pass such a motion.

THE SPIRIT BUSINESS: According to the Consumer Choice Center (CCC), the incoming coalition has announced it will legalise the recreational use of cannabis, which will form part of the coalition manifesto for the next five years. Bill Wirtz, policy analyst at CCC, from Luxembourg, said the move by coalition would send a “strong message to other […]

Politically charged European Court of Justice rules for continued ban on snus

The European Court of Justice on 22 November decided against overturning the European Union-wide ban on the smokeless tobacco snus. The ruling displays a political public health motivation, writes Bill Wirtz, policy analyst for the Consumer Choice Centre, for EU Reporter. In January last year, the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) appealed against the 1992 EU-ban on the smokeless tobacco […]

Chers élus, laissez les trottinettes électriques rouler

Dans les grands centres urbains du monde entier, un petit nombre d’entreprises a déployé des technologies qui devraient être l’une des solutions les plus innovantes aux énormes problèmes de circulation et de mobilité qui affligent nos villes. Avec la nouvelle loi sur l’orientation de la mobilité (LOM), cet avantage pourrait être mis en danger. Par […]

Luksemburg pierwszym krajem UE, który zalegalizuje marihuanę do celów rekreacyjnych

FAKTY.KONOPNE: Legalizacja marihuany w Luksemburu to świetna wiadomość Bill Wirtz, analityk polityczny w Consumer Choice Center (CCC) twierdzi, że chociaż legalizacja marihuany powinna nastąpić już wcześniej, to jest to znakomita wiadomość dla konsumentów. “Jeśli reforma pozwoli na sprzedaż obcokrajowcom, to wpływ będzie ogromny”, powiedział analityk polityczny z Consumer Choice Center. “Byłaby to wspaniała wiadomość dla konsumentów i początek nowej […]

#Snus – #ECJ, politically charged, opposes harm-reduction

The European Court of Justice decided against overturning the EU-wide ban on the smokeless tobacco snus. The ruling displays a political public health motivation, writes Bill Wirtz. In January last year, the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) appealed against the 1992 EU-ban on the smokeless tobacco snus. Snus is powdered tobacco, often sold in pre-packed bags of the […]

Minority leaders in Philadelphia speak up against the soda tax

As the Consumer Choice Center has been keen to point out in several articles and campaigns, additional taxes and levies on sugary drinks end up being regressive and hurting the very people they aim to help: minorities and the poor. Now, minority leaders in Philadelphia, seeing the toll the taxes have had in their communities, […]

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